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Back & Lumbar Support Cushions

A recent study showed that an average adult spends about 6½ hours a day sitting. When you spend more than half of your waking hours sitting, your body is at greater risk for health problems like back pain, soreness, and stiffness.

That's why we designed the Back & Lumbar Support Cushions - the most ergonomically designed Back & Lumbar Support Cushions.

Approved by Australian Orthopedics, our back & lumbar support cushions are designed to provide extra support and comfort while keeping you seated in an optimal position.

It can be used on an office chair, dining chair, car seats, recliners, and upright sitting chairs.

Fine Foam's Back & Lumbar Support Cushions have up to 59% more memory foam than our competitors. They also come with free shipping, a 1-year warranty, and free fine foams sleep mask.

Majesty Lumbar Support 46 reviews $99.99 AUD $170.00 AUD
Car Seat Back Support 3 reviews $89.99 AUD $160.00 AUD

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